How we’ve been delivering cleaner & more comfortable air to NSW schools

  • Cooler Schools Program
  • The quality of the air, and the comfort of students in their learning spaces, has become an area of intense interest, discussion, and concern. In 2018, the NSW Government introduced a “Cooler Schools” program; a five-year and $500 million commitment to improving the air quality in classrooms.

This was the first time that there was a dedicated commitment to air quality in classrooms, and the program has benefitted 959 schools to date. The key priorities of the program, as outlined on the Government Website, are:

  • Year-round comfort with reverse-cycle air conditioning for cooling in summer and warming in winter.
  • Fresh air, with HVAC systems that pump more fresh air into classrooms (which has had the added benefit of helping schools minimise the risk of COVID spread).
  • Proactive alerts, with smart systems that allow teachers to be notified when they need to let more fresh air into the environment.
  • The use of renewable energy to power these systems promotes sustainability.
  • Single-button optimisation, means that teachers can control the comfort levels of the space without needing to waste time.

ControlStore has been a proud participant in this project across many deployments and upgrades in NSW. In partnership with the NSW Government, we have been able to deliver world-class solutions, using leading and innovative smart technologies, that have been able to achieve all of these outcomes.

The system that we have built to deliver the Cooler Schools outcome includes technologies from Distech, iSMA, EasyIO, Dwyer, and Sontay, and its features include:

  • 400mm x 400mm x 200mm BMS Control Panel for each classroom
  • Stainless Steel Wall Panel with Lights and Push Button
  • BMS Controller
  • Outside Air Temperature and Humidity
  • Sensor
  • Room Temperature and CO2 sensor
  • Sensor Guard

Read more about this solution here

The benefits of partnering with ControlStore for the Cooler School program

The Cooler Schools program has been an opportunity for us at ControlStore to highlight our capabilities in building comprehensive and complete solutions for the most demanding environments.

Ensuring fresh, temperature-controlled air in environments that have a lot of mobility and density of people – such as school campuses – is a challenge for any HVAC system. ControlStore doesn’t just supply schools under the Cooler Schools program, of course. We have a long history of working with schools, universities, and event spaces, which all have similar requirements of their systems.

Part of the reason that we’ve been able to deliver such leading solutions is that we go well beyond the simple provision of technology. Our end-to-end, holistic service includes:

  • Experience – ControlStore has delivered more than 5000 individual learning spaces across metropolitan, regional and remote areas.
  • 24/7 Free Technical Support on all hardware
  • Free On-Site Commissioning Assistance (Sydney Metro)
  • Dedicated Project Manager for your project
  • Optional Secure Remote Access via Tosibox
  • Support from sister companies, ControlWorks (System Integrator) and PowerLink Solutions (Mechanical/Electrical Contractor) if required

Increasing air quality

Events over the last few years have changed the expectations that we have for indoor air quality and having highly adaptable and flexible systems are more important than ever. By bringing leading smart technology together with a holistic, experienced approach to HVAC design and implementation, ControlStore has been able to lead the way in assisting governments and private companies to deliver more comfortable, safer environments for everyone’s benefit.


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