Concerned about security? Tosibox is the answer!

  • Security is on everyones minds right now
  • As building HVAC systems become ever-more data driven and connected online via IoT networks, having the right platform to manage HVAC automation controls is even more important. A spate of recent high-profile security breaches across several commercial organisations has made consumers and businesses justifiably concerned with the security of systems, and that’s where Tosibox comes in.

Tosibox is the centralised management platform that you can use to control your building’s entire system. It’s also cloud-based, giving you control over the environment from anywhere. What’s important is that this doesn’t come at the expense of security. Tosibox is ISO 27001 certified – a global standard that means the solution achieves three core security objectives:

  • Confidentiality: only the authorised persons have the right to access information.
  • Integrity: only authorised persons can change the information.
  • Availability: the information must be accessible to authorised persons whenever it is needed.

What this means is that the only people in the organisation that will be able to access your building systems will be those that have been specifically designated as managers. Not even Tosibox itself will be able to access the data.

How does this work?

Core to the Tosibox solution is cryptographic pairings, whereby a specially designated key (it looks like a USB stick) is connected to a node, and then the data between the two is fully encrypted via a secure VPN connection.

By bringing a security-managed services provider on board, it’s possible to add yet another layer of security to the system, while further protecting yourself and your organisation via the SLA s that you can ask of your services provider.

Despite the power of the system, it has also been designed to “plug and play,” and does not require any particular IT skills to use. This has an important security implication too. Most security breaches occur because of human error, and the more the technology can be simplified, the less likely this is to occur.

Where can Tosibox be utilised?

Tosibox is a complete Software-as-a-Service solution for building management. It is a versatile tool that, thanks to its proven security and reliability, is underpinning a wide range of projects, including those in:

  • Building Automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Physical Security
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Cities

Thanks to the automation built into the system Tosibox can not only deliver a secure network but also assist building managers to run a more efficient environment, bringing down the overall costs and helping the building meet its energy efficiency requirements.

For more information on Tosibox, and how it operates with the rest of ControlStore’s range of HVAC automation controls, click here.


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