Distech Controls has recognised ControlStore as one of its leading global partners!

  • We are thrilled to be recognised by Distech Controls for our successes and commitment to the brand.

Distech Controls is one of the leading control solutions for the management of buildings. From easy-to-use software that gives you a single pane of glass view into your building, to automation systems, air quality sensors, and field devices, Distech Controls represent the highest standards of modern HVAC innovation.

At ControlStore Australia and ControlWorks, we work closely with Distech Controls as a vendor partner of choice. This is a genuine commitment, as we see Distech Controls adding long-term value to our customers. It’s not just that we stock a broad range of Distech’s leading products. We also go above and beyond to understand the technology, so that we can help you with the seamless installation and maintenance of solutions featuring their technology.

We are thrilled to announce that Distech Controls has acknowledged our successes and commitment to the brand. At the recent Distech Controls annual awards ceremony, ControlStore Australia and ControlWorks were honoured with four separate sales awards:

🏆Distech Highest Growth International - 2022
🏆Highest Sales in Region - 2022
🏆Highest Growth in Region - 2021
🏆Highest Sales in Region – 2021

ControlStore has also been recognised as a Diamond Distribution Partner. 

Sharyn Gregory, Chief Executive at ControlStore and ControlWorks said "With Distech Controls having three head offices and hundreds of employees across the world, it goes without saying that being awarded a global honour like this is quite an achievement"!

With more Australians being concerned about air quality and sustainability than ever, the sheer quality of the Distech Controls product line has been in demand. In particular, our customers tell us how the company’s proven environmental credentials have been instrumental in helping building managers meet their energy rating requirements.

"We will, of course, continue to support Distech Controls in full across Australia. We keep their stock in our warehouses, meaning that we can deliver solutions quickly, anywhere in the country, and our team is available to support you in building and installing solutions. We are the experts on Distech Controls, and this year’s awards proves it", said Sharyn. 

If you would like to learn more about the Distech Controls range please visit our partner page


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