Introducing the New Danfoss FC131 Variable Speed Drive

  • Danfoss FC131 Variable Speed Drive
  • Our partner Danfoss Drives has recently released the Danfoss FC131 Variable Speed Drive, and we are excited to announce that it is now available to purchase at ControlStore.

Variable Speed Drives, are an important part of any building environment. With extreme climates, inaccessible machine rooms, and the isolated outposts of our planet, it's crucial that the most effective process controls are available for HVAC installations. The new FC131 Variable Speed Drive is developed to enhance essential fan and pump operation. This new product operates at 98 percent efficiency, providing higher energy reductions, combined with built-in functions that reduce initial costs and provide an increase in productivity.

Other powerful features include:

  • Two built-in PI controllers,
  • A smart logic controller,
  • The Automatic Energy Optimiser function,
  • PM motor control in an open loop,
  • A cooling fan operation adjusts precisely to load,
  • The unique variable speed cooling concept with no forced air flow over electronic, and
  • Bypass frequencies

The FC131 Variable Speed drive also delivers the following benefits:

  • Easy commissioning: Its quick menu wizard makes standard set-up and operation easy.
  • Maintenance-free: Due to a series of self-protecting and monitoring features, the FC 131 Variable Drive is maintenance-free, except for general cleaning. The replacement of internal fans or capacitors is normally not required.
  • Save space: Due to the ultra-compact design, it is easily mounted inside an HVAC unit or panel; reducing the overall enclosure costs.
  • Save time: You can troubleshoot the drive from outside the AHU, owing to the optional remote mount LCP kit. Maximize uptime by reducing the shutdown, since it is not required to open up the AHU and lock it down again afterward.
  • Built-in DC coils: The standard integrated DC coils comply with EN 61000-3-12, reducing losses in mains and ensuring the operation is reliable across the grid. The DC coils improve the lifespan of the DC link capacitors, and they also make sure that the drive can operate motors to their full performance. Additionally, integrated DC coils saves the cost of adding external filters.
  • Intuitive Control Panel: The full graphical display offers an easy readout with a clear white backlight.
    • Multiple languages
    • Status LEDs
    • Quick menus
    • Password protection
    • Same parameter structure as the Danfoss VLT® FC - family drives
    • Upload and download parameters LCP copy function

At ControlStore, we have built a reputation as the trusted HVAC partner in Australia, this is why we always supply only the best quality devices to our customers. Whether you’re looking for variable speed drives or any other piece of control equipment, we can help you find the right solution.

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