Flow Monitoring & Metering

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic flowmeters (EMF) have been used for continuous flow measurement in industrial applications for many years. They are ideally suitable for liquids with an electrical conductivity greater than 5 μS/cm. Electromagnetic flow meters detect flow by using Faraday's Law of induction. View our range of Electromagnetic Flow Meter Range

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Power Metering

ControlStore has a range of Veris, Siemens, and Janitza Power Meters to determine and digitalize the effective values of voltages and currents.

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Ultrasonic Energy Meter Kits

Ultrasonic heat and cooling energy meters to measure flow and energy in a hydronic heating or refrigerant circuits. ControlStore has a range of Siemens options available.

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Water Energy Metering

View our Water Energy Metering Solutions.

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