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Need a Water Flow Meter? We Have The Best Range of Electromagnetic Options!


The water flow meter is one of the oldest components in HVAC environments, and is critical to the monitoring and health of your systems. For many years, electromagnetics has been the default technology used in a water flow meter, and at ControlStore we stock a wide range of industry-leading options for any environment.

The technology that goes into a water flow meter is quite simple. The coils of the electromagnetic meter, once installed, generate a magnetic field orthogonal to the water flow direction. When a liquid passes through the magnetic field, it creates a current, which the sensors then measure the voltage of. The higher the flow velocity, the higher the voltage reported. It’s that simple.

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Dwyer IEF-LB-PG Insertion Magflow Meter

Dwyer IEF-LB-PG Insertion Magflow Meter

Siemens Sitrans Magflo Meter
$1,892.00 - $3,337.00

Siemens Sitrans Magflo Meter

Siemens Electromagnetic Flow Meter Transmitters

Siemens Electromagnetic Flow Meter Transmitters


Siemens Sitrans Magflo Meter 10m connection cable

Siemens SBTFDK-085U1018 Sitrans Magflo Meter remote wall mounting kit

Siemens SBTFDK-085U1018 Sitrans Magflo Meter remote wall mounting kit

Siemens Sitrans MAGFLO Meters MAG5100W CHW
$1,722.00 - $5,500.50

Siemens Sitrans MAGFLO Meters MAG5100W CHW

$2,507.25 - $5,376.75

Siemens Sitrans MAGFLO Meters MAG3100P HHW

Siemens Sitrans MAGFLO Transmitters & Accessories
$93.75 - $2,649.75

Siemens Sitrans MAGFLO Transmitters & Accessories

Why is a water flow meter important for HVAC?

Keeping the pumps and other components of an HVAC system running smoothly is absolutely critical to the overall system’s reliability and, ultimately, its cost to run. A good and well-maintained HVAC system will be able to distribute hot and cold water around the facility as needed, and the rate at which it flows through the components will largely determine that. Subsequently, a good water flow meter will tell you, instantly, whether a component is performing as intended.

Increasingly, too, building and facility managers are under pressure to ensure that the hydronic balancing is properly optimised to prevent waste. A wasteful HVAC system is both expensive to run and damaging to the facility’s ability to meet its environmental goals, and the only way to ensure that the balancing is right is to have the correct data on how many gallons per minute are flowing through the system, and whether that is adequate, or excessive, for the building.

Facility operators will therefore rely on their water flow meter for everything from system capacity analysis, building cost allocation, addressing energy efficiency initiatives, optimising the hydronic system, and equipment troubleshooting and maintenance.


ControlStore’s electromagnetic water flow meter range

Because the ability to accurately monitor water flow is so critical to the HVAC system, ControlStore only stocks the best water flow meter solutions, from the leading manufacturers. Both Dwyer and Siemens are well-regarded for their durability and accuracy, and you can be sure that these devices will continue to operate reliably for years.

Beyond the water flow meter itself, our range also includes the necessary accessories for you to make the most of the meters. Transmitters ensure that the information that you need is available when you need it, while wall mounts help to keep the devices securely in place, in a discrete and invisible box.


Why ControlStore?

ControlStore has built a reputation as the trusted HVAC partner in Australia and we go above and beyond for all our customers, and that’s for all appliances, accessories, and technologies, large or small. Whether you need a single water flow meter or the complete components for an HVAC system, we can assist with getting you what you need quickly and reliably. We are the only controls and device reseller in Australia that is a part of a group of companies that all work collaboratively to create a total turnkey BMS solution.

Our services extend well beyond shipping products out to customers – we consider ourselves a true partner to your business and are available as a resource to help you optimise and improve your HVAC environment. We have a team of specialists that can discuss your needs and suggest the right solutions and product sets address your challenges. Through our partner companies, we can provide further consulting and installation support as necessary.

We are also fully equipped, with local warehouse support, to fulfill orders of any number, from individual units for small businesses, to large bulk orders for campus environments. Whether you need just the one water flow meter for a specific application or are looking to upgrade your environment using a range of transmitters and sensors, we have you covered.


Need more information?

Contact the team at ControlStore today for more information on any of our products. We value every single customer and are always looking for new ways to give back and provide a higher level of service offering, so don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything that we can do for your business.


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