ControlStore are an Approved Siemens Distribution Partner. We have proven our market competence and fulfilled high quality expectations – including fast delivery, technical expertise, and high competence. As a Siemens Distribution Partner, you can be assured that we will provide valuable sales, technical and inventory support for Siemens products you purchase from ControlStore.

From valves and actuators to sensors and thermostats: all Siemens products fulfill the highest quality standards. Energy efficiency, easy handling and long lifecycles are among the essential features of every single one of their products. And open communication standards like KNX and BACnet enhance compatibility and easily allow for seamless integration into building automation and control systems – this is how perfect places become a reality. You benefit from consistent installation processes and easy engineering for every single product.

Siemens offers a comprehensive HVAC product range

    • Building automation systems
    • Room management
    • Standard systems and controllers for HVAC applications
    • Thermostats for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications
    • Valves and actuators
    • Sensors
    • Variable speed drives
    • Products for energy cost allocation
    • Damper actuators
    • OEM products for oil and gas burners, boilers and alternative heating systems

Contact us for all your Siemens peripheral needs including heat meters, valves, damper actuators, sensors, thermostats, controllers and much more.

Featured Products

Siemens Industrial Room Thermostat

Siemens Industrial Room Thermostat

Siemens RCC Series Room Thermostat
$161.00 - $172.00

Siemens RCC Series Room Thermostat

Siemens Synco 200 series universal controller
$630.00 - $935.00

Siemens Synco 200 series universal controller

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