Tridium is a software partner that specializes in developing IoT (internet of things) software and smart building automation technology. The company's flagship product is the Niagara Framework, which is an open platform used to connect and control a wide range of IoT devices, sensors, and systems. Tridium's solutions are used in various industries, including commercial buildings, healthcare, transportation, and industrial automation.

What is the Tridium Niagara Framework?

The Niagara Framework is a software platform that enables the integration and management of building automation systems. It acts as a middleware between a wide range of building control systems, sensors, and devices, and allows them to communicate and operate together seamlessly. Developed by Tridium, the Niagara Framework includes a suite of tools and services that can be used to build custom applications, manage energy usage, and monitor performance. It is widely used in commercial and industrial buildings, as well as in smart homes and cities, to optimize energy efficiency, enhance comfort, and increase safety and security.

ControlStore supplies the Tridium Niagara framework through different channel partners such as Distech Controls, ISMA Controlli and EasyIO.


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