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A temperature and humidity sensor are electronic devices that detect, measure, and report both dampness and air temperature. It is one of the most important devices that has been widely used in consumer, industrial, biomedical, and environmental applications for measuring and monitoring temperature and humidity in a specific location, especially in a data center or a server room environments.



How does a temperature and humidity sensor work?

Humidity sensors work by detecting changes that alter electrical currents or temperature in the air. There are three basic types of humidity sensors: capacitive, resistive and thermal. All three types will monitor minute changes in the atmosphere in order to calculate the humidity in the air.

Why ControlStore?

ControlStore has built a reputation as the trusted HVAC and air quality control partner in Australia and we go above and beyond for all our customers. We are the only controls and device reseller in Australia that is a part of a group of companies that all work collaboratively to create a total turnkey BMS solution.

Our services extend well beyond shipping products out to customers. We have a team of specialists that can discuss your needs and suggest the right solutions and product sets address your challenges. Through our partner companies, we can provide further consulting and installation support as necessary.

We are also fully equipped, with local warehouse support, to fulfill orders of any number, from individual units for small businesses, to large bulk orders for campus environments. Often customers that are looking for a humidity sensor are setting up a site with multiple rooms and/or sections, each requiring its own sensor, and we have always been able to help customers pull together a total solution.

You can also have total confidence in our solutions. There are many humidity sensor vendors on the market, and their quality of them can vary wildly. When it’s a device that is often responsible for monitoring sensitive areas, malfunctions and poor information can be catastrophic. We only select the best, most reliable, and proven technologies from the highest standard vendors.

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