Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) are an essential part of any building environment system, as they control the flow of energy from the mains to the process. Your building’s variable speed drives will sit between the electrical supply and the motor. The power travels through the drive, which regulates it and feeds it to the motor.

ControlStore stocks a range of industry-leading variable speed drives and associated technology that is known for their market-leading qualities. These VSDs will help you to save on energy costs, reduce maintenance costs, minimise waste, and help reduce ambient noise emissions from the power system. In short, they improve the environment of the building and can be a critical cog in helping you meet your sustainability goals.

Below are some of the VSD solutions and associated devices that we stock:

EMC Filters

EMC filters reduce the transfer of electromagnetic noise between the drive and mains power supply. ControlStore stock Danfoss EMC Filters.

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Soft Starters

Soft Starters are designed to temporarily reduce the load and torque in the powertrain and electric current surge of the motor during start-up. ControlStore has a wide variety of Danfoss Soft Starters to meet your needs.

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Variable speed drives (VSDs), also called variable frequency drives, are a valuable tool. VSDs are used in connection with pump and fan applications to vary the pump or fan speed according to demand, often with large savings in energy use.

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VSD Accessories and Spare Parts

ControlStore has a wide range of Danfoss VSDS accessories and spare parts for your added convenience. View our range online.

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Sontay FC-EVS Speed Controller
$338.05 - $473.75

Sontay FC-EVS Speed Controller

Sontay FC-SDY Electronic Speed Ctrl 230V 1Ph
$124.32 - $150.35

Sontay FC-SDY Electronic Speed Ctrl 230V 1Ph

Sontay FC-ITR Electronic Speed Controller
$186.57 - $321.23

Sontay FC-ITR Electronic Speed Controller

Why ControlStore?

ControlStore has built a reputation as the trusted HVAC partner in Australia and we go above and beyond for all our customers, regardless of what component within the HVAC system, they need assistance with. We are the only controls and device reseller in Australia that is a part of a group of companies that all work collaboratively to create a total turnkey BMS solution.

Our services extend well beyond shipping products such as variable speed drives out to customers. We have a team of specialists that can discuss your needs and suggest the right solutions and product sets address your challenges. Through our partner companies, we can provide further consulting and installation support as necessary.

We are also fully equipped, with local warehouse support, to fulfill orders of any number, from individual units for small businesses, to large bulk orders for campus environments. Whether you’re looking for variable speed drives, associated products, and solutions, or any other piece of environmental control equipment, ControlStore will help you find the right solution.




What does VSDS Stand for?

Variable Speed Drives 

What is a soft starter?

Soft starters are useful technologies to install on to motors. They are designed to temporarily reduce the load and torque in the powertrain and electric current surge of the motor during start-up, meaning that there will be a smooth acceleration of power (rather than it coming in a sudden burst), and that minimises the risk of the motor and machine being damaged each time you power it on. In the long term this can result in massive maintenance savings.  

ControlStore has a wide variety of Danfoss Soft Starters to meet your needs.

What Ingress Protection (IP) is right for my installation?

Ingress protection – IP – refers to the level of protection offered by an electrical enclosure, against solids and liquids. It is important for those environments where dust or water can damage electronic components and a sealed enclosure is necessary to prevent such damage.

ControlStore stocks a range of options for ingress protection. When selecting your Danfoss drive ensure you select the right Ingress Protection (IP) for the longevity of your VSD. 

  • For cabinet installation you want IP20 and IP21 
  • For standard plant room wall installation the best option is IP54 and IP55
  • Finally, for extreme environments the best installation is IP66 

What is a EMC Filter?

EMC filters are differential-mode low-pass filters that suppress the switching frequency component from the drive and smooth out the phase-to-phase output voltage of the drive to become sinusoidal. This reduces the motor insulation stress and bearing currents.

ControlStore stocks a range of EMC filters to meet all of your needs.

What is a variable speed drive?

Variable speed drives (VSDs), also called adjustable speed drives (ASDs), are devices that can vary the speed of a normally fixed speed motor. In HVAC systems, they are used primarily to control fans in variable air volume systems instead of other devices such as inlet vanes and discharge dampers.

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