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Have You Considered a Tosibox VPN Device?

When it comes to operational technology, like your building management systems or HVAC environment, ControlStore recommends Tosibox. The Tosibox VPN Device, as well as its protocol converters, routers, modem, and wireless solutions, are resilient, secure, and reliable, making them the leading voice in OT technology.

Tosibox maintains multiple patents in the space, ensuring a unique standard of quality that can’t be matched by other vendors. For example, the Tosibox Plug and Go automation means that your OT environment is up and running online more quickly than with any other solution, and best of all it doesn’t require any particular IT skills to get going.



Protocol Convertors

ControlStore supply a full range of Network devices from leading brands such as Distech, Danfoss and iSMA. View our range.

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OT Network Infrastructure

ControlStore stocks a wide variety of Tosibox solutions. Tosibox is a patented information automation device that enables easy, cost effective and secure remote access between internet connections.

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Looking to take advantage of the new world of IoT sensors and management tools that can give you a 24/7 insight into your environment?

Tosibox can help here, too, with continual monitoring, AI-driven smarts, and real-time data collection and logging.

Finally, and most critically, technologies such as the Tosibox VPN Device highlight the company’s extreme commitment to security. Security is of paramount importance to operational technology – the last thing you want to risk is the integrity of your environment and the potential for cybercriminals to compromise your building management systems. The Tosibox VPN Device encrypts all the data that travels through it to ensure that only the correct target can see it. Furthermore, each Tosibox VPN Device – and all other equipment from the manufacturer – is constructed of sturdy materials that will resist physical mishandling.

With Tosibox and ControlStore, you can take full advantage of wireless technology to improve the running of your facility, while staying secure and in control.


Why ControlStore?

At ControlStore, we have built a reputation as the trusted building management partner in Australia and we go above and beyond for all our customers of all scales. We are the only controls and device reseller in Australia that is a part of a group of companies that all work collaboratively to create a total turnkey BMS solution.

There are many OT and IT solutions that are available on the market, from many vendors. Other resellers will adopt a broad-brush approach, placing the responsibility for finding the right solution squarely on the shoulders of the building manager. Our decision to focus on a single vendor was driven by our desire to see the best outcomes for our clients. By only selling the best-of-breed technology – such as the Tosibox VPN Device – you can be certain that your organisation will derive the best outcomes, based on our experience and heritage in delivering outcomes, rather than products.

Our services extend well beyond shipping products out to customers. We have a team of specialists that can discuss your needs and suggest the right solutions and product sets address your challenges. Through our partner companies, we can provide further consulting and installation support as necessary.

We are also fully equipped, with local warehouse support, to fulfill orders of any number, from individual units for small businesses, to large bulk orders for campus environments. With operational technology being more edge and IoT-orientated, meaning a proliferation of devices across a wide network, our ability to deliver whole-of-environment solutions to organisations of any size is compelling.


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Contact the team at ControlStore today for more information on any of our products. We value every single customer and are always looking for new ways to give back and provide a higher level of service offering, so don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything that we can do for your business, or if you need any further information on operational technology and how it might benefit your facility.

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